The ancients chose to be the keepers of secret of the cedar box. Stacked to the heavens with treasures untold, aging to perfection ever so slowly. Few hands of masters play their special skills long into the journey.  Their goal is to protect the secret in each box.

The fragrance of cedar protects and invites these treasures until the time is right. Time passed swift and true a new keeper of the boxes would come no stranger to this secret. You have arrived as the ancient said you would. Now you control the secret of these boxes handmade of cedar wood. Tradition is the mainstay of every long lasting establishment. One such tradition is the smoking of cigars. 

The art of growing tobacco, curing it correctly, aging it and rolling it into a much sought after delight dates back centuries ago. This tradition comforted and inspired a young American Warrior as he struggled with the daily exposure to the enemy in the battlefield. Cigars were sent to American troops just to help pass the hours of stressful activities.  One warrior in particular found the cigars as a purpose for fighting with every ounce of mind and body, not to survive, but to embrace this precious gift as his future.  

Time seemed to pass a bit faster. Thoughts of how he would become the next generation to carry on this amazing tradition put his fear and loneliness at rest.  He vowed that upon his return from harms way he would direct his energy toward the one simple thing that kept him safe, a cigar.